Cultivating Pearls of Wisdom

We are experts in the transfer of knowledge and skills

Digital Oyster


Therese McCoy is the President and Principal Designer of Digital Oyster Inc.; her passion is helping businesses, not-for-profits and educators to create engaging learning resources. Her educational career experience spans 20 years, wherein she has provided instructional design services to small- and medium-sized businesses, taught computer aided drafting and design as an Adjunct Instructor, led training sessions for small groups, tutored clients in math, and home-schooled two children.

In prior roles, Teri developed specialized knowledge and skills in application solutions engineering, quality assurance, design engineering, supply chain management and technical writing.

Teri’s professional education covers teaching principles, training skills, and the in-depth study of instructional design theory and applications. She holds a graduate certificate in Education Media Design and Technology and a Master in Mechanical Engineering.

Our Vision

Digital Oyster Inc. delivers educational, training and other curriculum materials, using client or subject matter experts — in a blended, online or eLearning format.

Digital Oyster Inc. is the instructional design firm that transforms organizational knowledge into pearls of wisdom so that learners have fun, succeed and deliver more bottom line value.

We enable employers, leaders and educators to reach learners more profoundly by developing presentation, workshop, course and curriculum materials that are media richengaging to learners, and appropriate to a variety of learning styles.

Our work ignites curiosity, builds valued skills and experiences, and promotes life-long learning.