Obstacles to Digital Learning

What are your obstacles to digital learning?

I was asked quite recently about my challenges to digital learning, and it occured to me that yes! Even as a curriculum developer, that I do have the same challenges as you may to digital learning.

Learning, training, educating has traditionally been knowledge delivered from person to person. This is almost universal; I should add at this point that it is not even limited only from person to person! For the time being, let’s stick to humans though!

Back to school time

We feel this all the more with ‘Back to school’ time. Your kids are getting back into their routines, and you have the opportunity to take a closer look at your training program, your presentation, or your in-person workshop. You may be asking yourself, how else could I be delivering this? And digital learning pops immediately into your mind. The problem is, that along with “digital learning” pops a million and a half questions. You might think to yourself that even though it would be great to expand your current programs digitally, there are just too many options, platforms and softwares to figure out.

So many options…

You could’nt be thinking about expanding your educational reach at any better time in our history; there are so many options available for eLearning, mobile learning, online learning, webinars! However, if you haven’t realized this yet, let me tell you that this is both dangerous and exciting at the same time.

I answered my friend:

As an instructional designer and educator, I meet a lot of business owners who would love to expand their current programs into the digital realm; however, they are at various stages along the learning curve with respect to providing digital learning. The challenge arises with this proliferation of options, platforms and softwares -of varying caliber really- which muddies the waters of potential for truly awesome, dynamic and engaging digital learning! There are many resources for learning to become digitized, however this doesn’t always equate to digital learning.

The obstacle and challenge is real!

My largest obstacle to digital learning is still the same as your obstacle to digital learning!

  • There are so many places online to upload your videos or stream live video;
  • there are free and paid resources to offer webinars;
  • you can upgrade your website with plug-ins to create your own LMS, LCMS or other acronyms if you’ve gotten that far;
  • you can find offers for free, low cost or paid-per-student membership sites where you can dump all of your recorded live training and create your own online school…

One of my largest challenges is that I am also attracted to all of these resources (there are so many!!) for getting your learning digitized. However, many of these potential solutions are really offering to digitize your learning. With these solutions, you can take your knowledge or what you currently have and plop it online.

For some, this is a great solution.

While this may be a quick entry into digital learning for some, if you are trying to actually connect with your new global audience in ways similar to that of person to person, which is engaging and dynamic, then this may not be the best solution for you. Do you remember the first eLearning classes that became available online? I do. They were click, click, click. Slide. Slide. Slide. Just that they were on the internet now. You don’t want that. Your learners do not want that. I promise you!

What are your obstacles to digital learning? How can you overcome all of the questions and options that are keeping you from offering your program in a digital learning format?

What are your obstacles to digital learning? How can you overcome all of the questions and options that are keeping you from offering your program in a digital learning format?


So, digital learning. How do you wade through the potential solutions?! You look at the ones that start with your learners.. and how they will engage with you and your materials.. even digitally. Especially digitally, actually! And you enlist the support of a professional who can help you examine the solutions that will work best for your knowledge offering, for your passion and for your learners.

If you’d like a resource that can help you to start incorporating elements into your current workshops, PowerPoint presentations and in-person live training programs, as well as planning for your online digital programs, I created a cheatsheet which you can get here that you may be interested in. It starts off with each individual type of learner, and gives you actionable options for engaging. 

My ultimate answer to my friend about my largest obstacle to digital learning, was that it was actually also my largest opportunity. As it is yours. #DigitalOyster


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