Instructional Design

Explore the new world of digital learning with us – the possibilities are virtually endless

Strenghten your workforce

Communicating with clarity, successfully transferring knowledge of detailed business information, and testing learner understanding and skills is at the heart of what we do.

Training can be used to improve employee product knowledge, enhance job performance, and reduce costly employee mistakes.

“Desired results must be articulated and benefit the future state of the organization. For example, by ensuring training is standardized for project managers, project time frames and deadlines may be more accurate and achievable.”

Let’s build on your strategy.

Pre-Qualify Clients

Offering your own business knowledge in a seminar, workshop or course can attract and pre-qualify customers.

We can help organize your workshop material and ensure your audience is engaged.

“I had 83 attendees show up at the first event. My presentation was 1 hour and 10 minutes long with 20 minutes of Q&A. We ended up staying over an hour after the presentation to answer questions and to discuss potential projects with attendees. Immediate clients gained that day was 3 and overall we got 9 from that day.”

More and more employers are recognizing the importance and benefits of ongoing education and rewarding their employees.

Does ongoing education have a positive impact on job performance?
96% Say Yes
Does ongoing education factor into promotion and advancement?
78% Say Yes
Does ongoing education affect compensation and salary?
87% Say Yes

At Digital Oyster, we routinely use research techniques to identify the specific learning needs of your workforce.

The needs assessment is used to set specific and measurable learning objectives and establish a baseline against which learner progress can be measured.

Professional Training

Let’s build on your strategy.

On-board new employees

Employee turnover is costly when parts of your operation grind to a halt and others slow during job training.

Let us document key job responsibilities and actions so that new-employee training can be digitized.

We engage and motivate learners as they progress through training and ensure effectiveness by testing the competence and performance of each new employee.

Engage 21st Century Learners

21 Century Learner

Among the many documented advantages of E-learning are affordable per-learner costs, standardized learning experiences, self-paced control for the learner, and interactive content elements that accelerate and improve learning outcomes.

You’ll have a lot of choice over content, complexity, production value, format and cost.

“Kmart invested heavily in training manuals, booklets, and review tests that were shipped to the stores for use by loss prevention associates. A return on investment after implementing an interactive [E-learning] strategy was realized within the first year.”

Let’s build on your strategy.

Accommodate learning styles

mLearning with

Digital Oyster understands that individuals learn in unique ways.

Working with your audience in mind, our passion is in finding the correct pathways to speak to multiple learning styles.

“An accounting clerk learning a technical program like QuickBooks continually revisits skills at increasingly challenging levels – that’s called “deliberate practice” – so the learning sticks. “Without deliberate practice, learning evaporates.”