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Pearls of Wisdom 01


from me to you 🙂

This is the first in a series of short videos on creating Pearls of Wisdom in your business, for your specific audience! Please feel free to comment or to send me a quick note via email to

Obstacles to Digital Learning

What are your obstacles to digital learning?

I was asked quite recently about my challenges to digital learning, and it occured to me that yes! Even as a curriculum developer, that I do have the same challenges as you may to digital learning.

Learning, training, educating has traditionally been knowledge delivered from person to person. This is almost universal; I should add at this point that it is not even limited only from person to person! For the time being, let’s stick to humans though!

Back to school time

We feel this all the more with ‘Back to school’ time. Your kids are getting back into their routines, and you have the opportunity to take a closer look at your training program, your presentation, or your in-person workshop. You may be asking yourself, how else could I be delivering this? And digital learning pops immediately into your mind. The problem is, that along with “digital learning” pops a million and a half questions. You might think to yourself that even though it would be great to expand your current programs digitally, there are just too many options, platforms and softwares to figure out.
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